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Quarantine Dances - An International Collaborative Project

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Music, dance and visual arts, everything through the lens of a collaborative effort, recorded and filmed by the participants.

More than 120 people from 5 continents united on this unique project.

A few videos have been released already and many others are being edited and will be posted soon! Watch the musician's video above and the "making of" video from the dancers below.

Put on your calendar - upcoming premieres:

  1. Sunday (July 05), 5pm (New York Time) - Dance video montage. At Rafael's youtube channel (click here).

  2. Sunday (July 12), 5pm (New York Time) - Music "making of" video. At Rafael's youtube channel (click here).

  3. Sunday (July 19), 5pm (New York Time) - Final video: Music and Dance complete montage. At Rafael's youtube channel (click here).

Let's watch it together and chat using the YouTube chat feature for premieres.


About the author

Rafael Piccolotto de Lima is an experience teacher. He is passionate about arts, a doctor of musical arts and a Latin Grammy nominee as a composer. For him all forms of expressions are somehow related. Based on that premise, his interest and work has a wide spectrum: from a tail tux at a concert hall, to the dance shoes at a worn-out dance floor. Born in Campinas, São Paulo - Brazil, now he lives at the Hudson waterfront, looking at the south of Manhattan.

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