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FORRÓ SEM PALAVRAS - from New York to the world

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Have you ever heard forró performed by classical string quartet?

How about an orchestra?

Or even a jazz ensemble?

I invite you to listen to "Forró Sem Palavras"!

This project came out of my passion for the evolving culture around forró: the music, dance and its social aspect. Forró dancing has been one of my main hobbies for the past 15 years of my life, about the same amount of time that I have been working as a professional musician: composing, arranging, performing and conducting. About 3 years ago I decided to put together these two passions and do something I have never seen before. In 2018 I created "Forró Sem Palavras" and it soon became one of my main musical projects.

I wanted to contribute to this cultural phenomenon by bringing a little bit of my background and artistic take on this Brazilian musical tradition. I wanted to be able to collaborate with various artists with diverse backgrounds and create something unique. New York was a great place to get it started, a city where musicians from all over the world come to collaborate and present their work. Forró musicians, classical musicians, jazz musicians and world music musicians coming together to bring to life this one of a kind project strongly rooted in the forró tradition. This hybrid ensemble extrapolates boundaries of styles while keeping its dancing heart.

"Forró Sem Palavras" took multiple forms and was performed in various cities across America, integrating almost two hundred different musicians. After being performed in various venues in New York and cities like Montreal, Toronto, Campinas and Rio Claro, Forró Sem Palavras will return to where it all started, an art gallery at the upper east side of Manhattan.

I invite you all to join me for this very special concert celebrating forró music on October 9, 5pm. We will be performing new compositions and arrangements written specifically for this project.

I extend my invitation for future concerts and for you listen to our recordings already available online.

I hope to see you at our concert! A forró hug to you all!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Rafael Piccolotto de Lima is passionate about arts, a doctor of musical arts and a Latin Grammy nominee as a composer. For him all forms of expressions are somehow related. Based on that premise, his interest and work has a wide spectrum: from a tail tux at a concert hall, to dance shoes at a worn-out dance floor. Born in Campinas, São Paulo - Brazil, now he lives at the Hudson waterfront, looking at the south of Manhattan.





Revised by Carolina Alvarez.

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