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5 Characteristics of good forró dancers

What makes a good social dancer? Even beyond forró, let's talk about partner dances in general.

Based on 15 years of experience dancing forró and more than 3 years teaching dance classes weekly in New York city, I did a list of 5 characteristics that I believe most good partner dancers have.

1. The ability to connect with the music

Musicality is one of the most important elements in dance. Musical dancers not only are able to identify the beat and dance in time, but usually interprete the music in a personal way and connect their movements to the sounds of a song.

2. The ability to connect with a partner

Forró is a partner dance, a social dance. The ability to connect with a partner is a key element to a good partner dance. Good social dancers are able to create empathy during the dance.

3. Be able to control weight transfer & balance

The ability to control body movements, weight transfer and balance is very important. It is essential to the proper execution of movements. This body control facilitates the whole dance and enhances the possibilities of interaction with a partner.

4. Have a good repertoire of moves

Dance is language, and good dancers know enough "words" and "sentences" to be able to communicate and be creative. You don't need to know a crazy number of moves or complicated sequences to be a good forró dancer, but you need a basic repertoire to keep the dance interesting.

5. Be able and willing to adapt

Each partner is different. Each song and music performance is different. Good dancers have the ability to adapt and make the most of every dance. This ability connects to number one and two of the list: it is the ability to change aspects of the dance to match the music and connect to the partner.


I wrote the list just after recording the videos for the course for beginners, a 5+ hours intensive course covering the most important elements that anyone starting to dance forró should know. I also have other courses that can help you to improve your musicality and your ability to connect with your partner. If you are interested, these are the links:


About the author

Rafael Piccolotto de Lima is an experience teacher. He is passionate about arts, a doctor of musical arts and a Latin Grammy nominee as a composer. For him all forms of expressions are somehow related. Based on that premise, his interest and work has a wide spectrum: from a tail tux at a concert hall, to the dance shoes at a worn-out dance floor. Born in Campinas, São Paulo - Brazil, now he lives at the Hudson waterfront, looking at the south of Manhattan.

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