Understand forró music, beats and rhythms.
Develop your dance musicality.
Explore music and movement relationship.


  • This course is focused on the individual. No partner needed.

  • This course is for dancers of all levels wanting to have a better understanding of the music and its relationship with the dance.

  • More than 4 hours of content.



A course focused on developing musicality in dance by understanding the forró rhythms:

  • Understand principles of tempo and rhythm in music:

    • Beat

    • Strong beat

    • Offbeat

    • Subdivisions

    • Music bars/measures

  • Learn the difference between forró rhythms:

    • Xote

    • Arrasta-pé

    • Baião

    • Xaxado

    • Forró

  • Understand the step count in relationship to the music count.

  • Understand the relationship between your steps and the music beats.

  • Learn how to use syncopations in your steps.

  • Learn how to make rhythm choices in your dance movements.



Rafael Piccolotto de Lima is an experienced forró dancer from Campinas (São Paulo, Brazil). He has been dancing for more than 14 years and was part of the Forró Brasil dance group between 2006 and 2007, held at Cooperativa Brasil, one of the most important forró venues in the state of São Paulo (in the 2000's).

Being a Latin Grammy nominated composer, conductor and doctor of musical arts, Rafael was also an instructor for special workshops about musicality and creativity in forró dance at Casa do Lago, UNICAMP (State University of Campinas), Brazil.

Rafael is one of the most active forró instructors in North America, teaching weekly in New York City and traveling to give special workshops. He was an instructor at the Forró Fest USA (2017, 2018 and 2019), 4th Boston Brazil Dance Festival (2017), instructor at the NY Forró Fest (2018 and 2019), instructor and creator of the Forrobodó NY Festival (2018), instructor at the Montreal Forró Fest (2019) and instructor and director of the Forró New York Weekend (2019).

Rafael is also one of the leading online forró instructors in North America with the creation of various online courses available here at Forró New York.



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