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At Forró New York, we believe that everyone should have the chance to experience the joy and cultural richness of Forró. We are thrilled to offer scholarship opportunities that allow students to fully immerse themselves in our vibrant community and participate in all the activities we organize.

Scholarship Benefits and Responsibilities:

As a scholarship recipient, you will become an integral part of our Forró New York community and gain free access to an array of exciting dance experiences and events we produce. This activities include weekly classes, the Forró New York Weekend (our festival) and additional exclusive educational online content.

In exchange for this unique opportunity, we kindly request a commitment of 2 hours per week for study-work activities over a 3-month period (or more). These activities are designed to ensure the smooth functioning of our events and enhance the overall experience for all participants. Some of the study-work tasks may include:

  1. Class Support: Help us maintain organized and efficient class sessions by assisting with attendance monitoring and participant registration.

  2. Community Engagement: Engage actively with our Forró New York community, fostering connections, and being a friendly presence.

  3. Community Outreach: Help us to connect with adjacent communities and organizations to facilitate collaborations and audience integrations.

  4. Social Media Support: Contribute to our online presence by assisting with social media tasks. This may include taking photos and videos, writing description for posts, sharing event updates, helping us spread the word about Forró New York, and interacting with our online followers.

  5. Video Caption Translations: Assist in translating and proofreading video captions for our YouTube channel, ensuring that our dance tutorials and performances reach a wider audience.

  6. Put your skills to use: Do you have special skills that might be helpful for what we do at Forró New York? Let us know and we will put it to best use!

Through these study-work activities, you will have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the world of Forró and experience the dance form from various perspectives. Your active participation will help us create a vibrant and inclusive community where everyone feels welcome and supported.


Our scholarship program is open to all Forró enthusiasts, regardless of their dance experience or background. We encourage passionate individuals who are committed to Forró and excited about contributing to the Forró New York community to apply.

Application Process:

To apply for the scholarship, please complete the application form available (below). In your application, share your Forró journey, your motivation for applying for the scholarship, and how you envision contributing to the Forró New York community. We will carefully review each application and notify selected candidates of their acceptance into the program.

Join us and be part of the Forró New York community as you embark on a three-month journey of dance, connection, and cultural exploration. Through our scholarship opportunities, we aim to make Forró accessible to all, creating a welcoming and diverse environment.

For any questions or further information, please contact us at We are excited to welcome you to Forró New York!

Note: The scholarship opportunities are subject to availability and may be limited based on the number of applicants and the current needs of Forró New York.

Scholarship application form

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