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Celebrating 3 years of Forró New York and 1,000 subscribers

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

What a beautiful milestone in our history! 3 years of our website and social media and 1,000 subscribers on our Youtube channel. Thank you to everybody who participated and continues to be part of our history!

I have organized many of our video into playlists so it is easier for you to find the kind of content you want and also enjoy sequencial videos on similar topics.


About the author

Rafael Piccolotto de Lima is an experience teacher. He is passionate about arts, a doctor of musical arts and a Latin Grammy nominee as a composer. For him all forms of expressions are somehow related. Based on that premise, his interest and work has a wide spectrum: from a tail tux at a concert hall, to the dance shoes at a worn-out dance floor. Born in Campinas, São Paulo - Brazil, now he lives at the Hudson waterfront, looking at the south of Manhattan.

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