Develop your dance technique & style.
Learn new movements every week.
Socialize with other dancers around the world.


  • This series of classes are focused on the individual. No partner needed.

  • This series of classes are beginner-friendly, but we recommend first-time dancers to take our beginners course before joining our live sessions.

  • Each session focus on a different set of movements and content.

  • Classes are being recorded and will be available for replay.


  • Wednesday nights, 2 hours of class with a short intermission (7-9 pm New York time).

*Some weeks may vary depending on special events. Please look at our schedule.


  • We are using the ZOOM app for our live streams

  • Please be mindful of other participants and have your microphone on mute at all times, except if you are asking a question during the "questions and answer" portion of the session or during the social time.

  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection.

  • Have fun!



Rafael Piccolotto de Lima is an experienced forró dancer from Campinas (São Paulo, Brazil). He has been dancing for more than 14 years and was part of the Forró Brasil dance group between 2006 and 2007.

Being a Latin Grammy-nominated composer, conductor, and doctor of musical arts, Rafael was also an instructor for special workshops about musicality and creativity in forró dance at Casa do Lago, UNICAMP (State University of Campinas), Brazil.

Rafael is one of the most active forró instructors in North America, teaching weekly in New York City and traveling to give special workshops. He was an instructor at the Forró Fest USA (2017, 2018, and 2019), 4th Boston Brazil Dance Festival (2017), NY Forró Fest (2018 and 2019), Forrobodó NY Festival (2018), Montreal Forró Fest (2019), and instructor and director of the Forró New York Weekend (2019).

Rafael is also one of the leading online forró instructors in North America with the creation of various online courses available here at Forró New York.



We are doing a series of special online classes with guest instructors from Brazil!

More information coming soon!

Stay tuned and join us online!


  • December 30 - No class.

  • January 06 (7-9pm) - Class with Rafael.

  • January 13 (7-9pm) - Class with Rafael and guest instructor Lílian Miranda.

  • January 20 (7-9pm) - Class with Rafael and guest instructor Roberta Fernandes.

  • January 27 (7-9pm) - Class with Rafael and guest instructor Nati Militão.

  • February 03 (7-9pm) - Class with Rafael.

  • February 10 (7-9pm) - Class with Rafael and guest instructor Lílian Miranda.

  • February 17 (7-9pm) - Class with Rafael and guest instructor Mara Figueiredo.

  • February 24 (7-9pm) - Class with Rafael and guest instructor Nati Militão.

  • March 03 (7-9pm) - Class with Rafael.

  • March 10 (7-9pm) - Class with Rafael and guest instructor to be announced.

  • March 17 (7-9pm) - Class with Rafael and guest instructor to be announced.

  • March 24 (7-9pm) - Class with Rafael and guest instructor Nati Militão

  • March 31 (7-9pm) - Class with Rafael and guest instructor to be announced.


  • $20 - Single live stream class (2 hours)

  • $60 - Live stream classes monthly package (includes replays)

  • $30 - Replays monthly package



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I’ve been taking dancing classes my whole life and nothing compares to what I’ve been learning with Rafael. I believe that because he’s a composer and a conductor and his approach to music and rhythm is completely different to what is out there and it has changed the way I dance forever. Not only the way I dance forró, but everything. It changed my perspective. On top of the an amazing classes, the environment is fun, people are awesome. You learn a skill at the same time you make friends for life. Highly recommended!

Lívia Silva


I didn’t know what to expect when I started taking online classes with Rafael. It was hard to imagine how to learn a couple’s dance virtually. I can tell it has been a beautiful experience. Rafael knows how to explain complex concepts in a simple way, and in every class he gives us elements to build new vocabulary in our dance. I think that because he is a musician, he understands the dance from the inside out. It feels like he is teaching us how to perform individual notes and, then it is to us to put them together and create new “music” with our bodies and feet. 


Rafael makes the classes interactive and fun. We can always ask questions and get feedback. Thank you so much Rafael. I love your classes!

Angelica Vargas Prada



I really enjoy Rafa's classes because he teaches different techniques and different steps in a way that is very easy to understand. And because of his background as a musician, he is great at teaching musicality and how to express ourselves with our bodies. I fully recommend this class, 100%!

Elaine Simon


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