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1 full year to learn from some of the very best forró instructors in the world!
(only $10 per month, billed anually)
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  • More than 30 hours of videos and additional content.

  • This course is focused on the individual. No partner needed.

  • If you have a partner you will be able to practice with him/her.

  • This series of classes are for dancers who already know the basics.

If you are a first time forró dancers start with our course for beginners.


Each instructor will teach you a different set of skills based on their expertise and style.



Marilia Cervi is a dancer, teacher, and choreographer of ballroom dances since 13 years old. She has forró as her main dance.

Marilia won the Brazilian Forró Championship, and many other national and international awards. She traveled to several countries around the world to teach forró, including Australia, Japan, Germany, Turkey, Russia, and England. She performed in many TV shows (Globo, SBT, Gazeta), dance congresses throughout Brazil (Fenfit, Festival de Verão de Itaúnas, Copa Forró, Baila Costão, Semana da America Latina, Baila Floripa, etc.) and won the title of  forró teacher of Brazil in 2015 and 2016 (by Baila Mundo).

Now Marilia is living in Lyon-France and is helping to develop the European forró scene by leading the association "Forró em Lyon".


Roberta Fernandes started dancing forró at Remelexo Brasil in 2000. In 2005 she started teaching at Canto da Ema (one of the most important forró venues in Brazil, located in São Paulo). She coordinates all forró classes at Canto da Ema since then.


Besides forró, Roberta is passionate about ballet, adapting many of its techniques to Brazilian dance.


Mara Figueiredo started dancing ballet very young and then learned forró as a teenager. In 2015 she started to teach and in 2016 she became partner/owner of Fuá Forró dance school in São Paulo.


Since then she appeared dancing and teaching at TV Globo and TV Gazeta. 

Mara was a guest instructor at the biggest forró festival in Brazil - FENFIT in Itaúnas - and also other important festivals, such as Nata Forrozeira, FORROZEÁ, and Forró Fest USA (online edition). 


Mara is currently studying dance at Anhembi Morumbi University in São Paulo.


Camila Alves is a very active instructor since 2012 and is known for teaching at numerous festivals and events around the world, developing courses and workshops focused on contemporary topics such as the role of leaders and followers, encouraging students to dance however they want.

Camila is involved in the organization team of many events, such as Maria Bonita Festival, Baião in Lisboa Festival & Forró Douro Festival, attracting hundreds of people to Portugal every year.

Camila is currently teaching & managing Espaço Baião, one of the biggest forró schools in Europe based in Lisbon.


Natália Militão is the founder of Fuá dance school in São Paulo (2014), specialized in forró. She fell in love with the style when she was 18 years old and since then she performed at TV Globo and TV Gazeta, taught at "Virada Cultural" and "Forró em Parques", and many festivals such as "Martinha Roots" & "Nata Forrozeira" in Brazil, and "Forró de Nice" in France. She was also featured on many online events, including the Forró Fest USA. Natália is now honored to be a featured instructor at Forró New York.


Lílian Miranda is passionate about dance since very young. Forró became very important in her life when she started taking classes at Pé Descalço dance school in Belo Horizonte in 2014. Since then she is very involved with the school and became an instructor at the Pinheiros unit in São Paulo in 2019.

Lílian also likes to explore other dance styles and is always looking for ways to improve her skills.


Rafael Piccolotto de Lima is an experienced forró dancer from Campinas (São Paulo, Brazil). He has been dancing for more than 15 years and was part of the Forró Brasil dance group between 2006 and 2007, held at Cooperativa Brasil, one of the most important forró venues in the state of São Paulo during the forró universitário movement.

Being a Latin Grammy nominated composer, conductor and doctor of musical arts, Rafael brings a unique perspective to musicality. He was also an instructor for special workshops about musicality and creativity in forró dance at Casa do Lago, UNICAMP (State University of Campinas), Brazil.

Rafael is one of the most active forró instructors in North America, teaching weekly in New York City and traveling to give special workshops. He was an instructor at the Forró Fest USA (2017, 2018 and 2019), 4th Boston Brazil Dance Festival (2017), instructor at the NY Forró Fest (2018 and 2019), instructor and creator of the Forrobodó NY Festival (2018), instructor at the Montreal Forró Fest (2019) and instructor and director of the Forró New York Weekend (2019). He also produced forró events in Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC, and Toronto. 

Rafael is one of the leading online forró instructors in North America with the creation of various online courses available here at Forró New York.

Forró for Beginners Dance Instructor Online


  • Guest Instructors

    Every year
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